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Opera Invest, LLC is an international real estate advisory, property management, and project management company operating from its Miami headquarters. The Company represents clients from around the world, finding prime real estate properties in Miami as a long-term investment from which to extract profit by leasing the property. The Company offers its clients a full service offering catered for rental investment properties. The category of properties covers single-family residential units, multi-family residential units, as well as commercial property. Opera Management LLC is a subsidiary of and 100% owned by Opera Invest, LLC.

Opera Invest, LLC extends a full suite of services to cover every aspect of its clients’ investments. Initially, Opera Invest, LLC advises investors on the purchase of a property that suits them, property rental net yield being superior of 6.5%. Once the purchase is completed, the Company offers long-term comprehensive property management and manages each renovation and remodeling project required by its clients. When the investor is ready to sell the property, Opera Invest, LLC advises on the best course of action.

The Company mainly works with international clients who often do not reside in the United States. Once the client purchases a property, the Company is retained as the trusted local advisor and is contracted to perform long-term services throughout the duration of the investment. The Company has achieved long-term retention of clients because of its international reputation and excellent service

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