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We provide full services throughout the lifecycle of your investment

Step 1

Asset managers identifies
wihtin its clients base,
client with a need to invest in the USA

Step 2

Intro dicusssion with
potential investor and
wealth manager

Propose the right
structure that wil best
fit the client need

Step 3

Network of wealth management in France
Wealth management
Opera investment
Opera investment
Wealth management
Wealth manager
Fiscal / tax advisor

Advisors are working
toward creating the
correct legal US
structure to receive the

Operating agreement is also draft

opera invest

PHASE 1 : Create Entity to purchase

  • Legal/ Tax

  • Tax Structuring

  • Accounting

  • Individual assets assessment

PHASE 2 : Oversee Property

  • Property management

  • Repairs

  • Rental Revenue

  • Tenants

  • Reporting

  • Market update

PHASE 3 : Sell

  • Advise

  • Agent/ Market

  • Finalise Revenue

  • International Tax

  • Profit Reports

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